Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tournament results; "I suck!" or "I won stuff?"

Yesterday I had the tournament I've been waiting for months. I met up with my friends the evening prior and shot the shit and woke up ass early(6:37 was about the time). I was running my Chaos Daemons(Khorne and Nurgle) and while the list I had did well in the two playtest games prior to the tournament, it didn't do too well here. I needed more icons and/or better strategy. Here's the overall run down of the games-

Game 1: vs Space Wolves-

The whole idea of the first game was to escort three messangers across the field past enemy deployment. I haven't fought Space Wolves in this edition so I really didn't know what I was getting myself into and well, by turn 2 or 3 I lost all of my messengers so I did the only smart move- take out his messengers. My summoning unit(Plaguebearers) scattered and ended up on the far end. That sucked but I coped with them drudging along. Then my second unit of Bloodletters did the same thing and ended up over there. The single unit of Bloodletters that did manage to make proper fall took out his Wolf Priest(only 6 strong after rounds of shooting). My Daemon Prince showed up and killed his Messengers as did my Bloodthirster. Now here's the kicker; 90% of the time, I win Death or Glory(Now that I look back at it, I should have rolled 2 dice instead of 1 because of Monsterous Creature....) but this time I ended up with a 10 in which a Rhino ran over him. It was a tie but the Space Wolves player won by victory points.

Game 2- vs Chaos Space Marines(Khorne themed)-

The point of this game was seize and control but with 6 objectives. I haven't played a Khorne marine army in a long time. All of my stuff scattered outside of Plaguebearers. Amazingly enough the Soul Grinder I was running last the game though it didn't do as much damage as I wanted it to. My Bloodthirster carved down his Daemon Prince in close combat and proceeded to a squad of Khorne Berzerkers after being forced to the corner of the field. My Daemon Prince was fighting his Dreadnoughts and Defiler. The Daemon Prince off'd a Dreadnought but was having difficulty with the other two and remained stalled the rest of the game. While the Plaguebearers took control of an objective, my Bloodletters were snuffed out and my opponent had half a unit(that was fighting off my Bloodthirster) of Berzerkers and a full unit on objectives, thus leading to a loss.

Game 3- vs Orks-

The point of this game was to control the opponent's objective/side of the field. Iin the past I played Orks during 4th(3rd) ed but not during 5th ed. This game almost everything manifested where I wanted it. My Bloodletters were off'd imediately by Ork firepower, Plaguebearers stomped towards my opponent's objective while the Soul Grinder spat upon the units over near it. I believe my Daemon Prince got locked in close combat with a bunch of Ork soldiers(I don't know the units by name). My opponent(s) decided to try to block my objective with his bikers so I manifested my Bloodthirster near it and upon that point manifested my Bloodletters somewhat close. The bikers fled back. My opponent was somewhat new to the game and we only got to turn 4. If we had 1 turn left(or two, i'd love to see what would have happened if the game was played all the way through), I probably would have won that one. But alas, another tie.

Game 4- vs Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle themed)-

At this point of the tournament I was tired out and it was a relief facing my friend from Montgomery county. This game was another Chaos vs Chaos with his Nurgle Army vsing my Khorne/Nurgle. Funny how that works out. I manifested my Daemon Prince in the wrong location because he was using his Rhino tactics again. The Daemon Prince fell to masses of fire power. I fell for it again but this time he blocked objectives. My other units didn't do much and my Bloodthirster was mishaped again and placed at the other corner of the table. He took some firepower but my Bloodthirster finally went toe to toe with his Daemon Prince in which they killed each other off. This game I lost by 1 objective point.
Outcome- I was in a weird state with how the day turned out. Yeah, overall I did have fun but I was rather dissapointed at the outcome of my behalf. I didn't play my army wisely enough ontop of everything scattering and my Plaguebearers not being at the correct location to deepstrike other units in. During the Golden Grot awards, I was a little surprised at what won. I was expecting some of the other models to win. The awards ceremony occured and I ended up winning Best Chaos Daemon army. This one wasn't extremely surprising as there were only two of us Daemon players so it was either him or me. Then I was called up for Best Army. This really shocked me. I mean really really shocked me. I sucked so horribly during the games and I personally don't think my army is that well painted(Its no golden demon army) and it was dual-god. So I went up and grabbed the Razorback that was on the table. I look back and I probably should have grabbed the Assault Marines granted I do need more tanks for my Chaos Space Marines. I also won a raffle prize in which I grabbed a bag of Tyranid Gargoyles which I plan on making Chaos Raptors with(Well the wings atleast, might use the arms and spore mines to make Pink Horrors). To say the least, it was the weirdest day I've had in a long long long time.

My army(except the Soul Grinder who belonged to a friend of a friend) -

The awards won-

The Prizes I won-

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